EXODUS 18:1--24


When the children of Israel came out of Egypt, crossed the Red Sea and walked into the desert, there was
no turning back, the deal was sealed, they were “I AM’S” children and HE was their GOD. A kind of baptism
in going through the Red Sea had taken place not by water but by spirit, a symbolic and memorable
boundary event and experience, a limit bound by GOD.

As we look at Moses’ leadership, we see that he had a spiritual anointment at his call to release the
children of Israel from EGYPTIAN control as GOD had spoken to him from {EXODUS 3:2} the burning bush
and commissioned him to go and get HIS children from EGYPT. He asked GOD why me because he had no
real experience in this kind of leadership, but at this time because of what had happened knew that he
would have to do what needed to be done, which was to make the Pharaoh let GOD’S people go. He had
the power to call down plagues and did not stop until the old system broke and gave way.  It was at this
point that problems were his best friend because he was good at solving them and these actions would
convince the people that they needed to let go of their old ways.

They could also see from the plagues that GOD wanted them to be free and so they were encouraged. It
was a watershed time for everyone involved, a new beginning, old things passed away; nothing but good
times ahead. The children of Israel were off to a new start, a good start.

Have you ever been in such a situation? A new start, good start where you expect every thing to go
smoothly, and to work out without any glitches. Where all of your ducks are lined up in a row, but something
just doesn't seem to be right, it just does not feel right.

We can usually see the mission by the problems that have happen while we are in transition.


When we look at the lesson, it was in the wilderness and not the Promised Land that many blessings took
place because GOD showed Moses how to lead, by example.

1) God placed a protector over them (a cloud)
2) God spoke in different tongues to the national groups, because they spoke in different languages.
3) God gave them good water from the bitter root.
4) God fed them when they needed food
5) God culled out the disbelievers
6) GOD defeated the Amalekites

God taught them what it meant to cross the Red Sea, by having them cross the Jordan River. He gave them
a history lesson and then gave them Jericho. EXODUS CHAPS 15,16,17

It often appears that very little happened in the wilderness, but great transformations took place there. We
should never jeopardize the wilderness experiences in our haste to move ahead fast hurrying and removing
the pain of giving birth to a new vision. Let God do his work. Give up and let God control the situation. We
must also know that wilderness leadership is a special leadership, given for a special reason, for a special
purpose at a special time through a special person. Do you hear me?

We all know that Moses did not enter the Promised Land, but God did let him look and see. His kind of
leadership fit the transition time where everything was confusing and upside down.

II. How did GOD approach the people in the wildness?

Have you ever noticed how GOD introduced the Ten Commandments? Before He spoke His laws to the
people in Exodus 20, HE took time to remind them of three vital truths. That HE loved them mightily, that He
had won many battles for them, and that HE had a very bright future for them. EXODUS: chap. 20

GOD spoke to the Israelites then and even to us today about how HE will bless his people and HE warns us
all about the boundaries that we must keep in escaping his fiery presence Only then did HE give them his
commandments to obey. Do you see the genius of this sequence? GOD taught Moses then and even us
today, that leaders touch a heart way before they ask for a hand. Before GOD demanded His people to
keep his rules, HE reminded them of his relationship with them and the blessings coming to them. That is
what gave them the incentive needed to follow through on their commitment to follow Moses. However,
troubles lay ahead and they concerned leadership.

III. Problems ahead: Satan raises his ugly head/Rebellion

The people that you are associated with begin to pick and pick at your success. They begin to point out
that, your success was no big deal, that you did not accomplish much; anyone could have done what you

They and even your family members only look at what was given up rather than what you have
accomplished for the kingdom of GOD. DO you hear? Moses’ family even questioned his direction and
wanted more of the responsibility. (EXODUS 12-1)

They begin to murmur, do not be surprise if they begin to lose confidence in your plan of success and
continue to pick and pick, somewhere between where you came from and where you are going. You are
caught in the middle on this deal, therefore maintain the course, because God will send directions to solve
your problems, and let you know if needed to change course.

Moses heard many such things Like: does he know where we are going; does he know how to follow
direction, we have never done it like this before; what was so bad with EGYPT; we had water, food and
shelter; we also had jobs and other comforts of life Now! WE have nothing and maybe we are following a
foolish man, who believes that GOD will provide for us. Where is his GOD now, Do you see what I am
saying, do you hear me? We need to see with our minds as we listen with our ears sometimes. In Numbers
16-28-36, we have another story of rebellion and trouble as KORAH and his friends conspired to gain
power from Moses. They did not believe that GOD had chosen Moses and Aaron to lead after leaving
EGYPT. They were arrogant and became self appointed control people. They also wanted authority and
responsibility to an office for which they had not been called. Self-appointed leadership will get you in
trouble and even killed, as people were dying by the thousands before Moses could get Aaron down
to the people, fourteen thousand were killed by the plague.

Do not worry, help is on the way, GOD never fails, and HE has sent someone that Moses would listen to for
help, Jethro, his father-in-law, his father-in-law a priest and intuitive leader. What can this type of leader
teach us, and how will we know them when we see them?


We have examples of two such leaders, but as you know, there are more in GOD’S word. When Joseph
understood Pharaoh’s dream, he knew what to do. He knew how to prepare for what was coming five years
down the line so he prepared for the famine. When Nehemiah looked at the wall in Jerusalem, he knew
what needed to be done; he accessed the situation, and set out to rebuild the wall of his ancestors.

V. JETHRO an intuitive leader:

Jethro identified Israel’s greatest assets Moses’ heart, GOD’S favor, and the people of Israel. He then
directed Moses to introduce a middle management if you will, to teach the people God’s laws and to
empower the people to share the burden. Jethro’s plan used everything of value the people possessed.

He knew that Moses didn't have personal experience with the refugees from EGYPT and that leadership
had to be based upon ability, not position, he understood that the right people must lead in order for
Moses, to be empowered to lead. They just had to be put into place. You don’t hear me.

Something revolutionary happened when Jethro confronted Moses, over his leadership methods: Because
Moses moved from merely ministering to true leadership. Instead of doing all the judging himself,
released other leaders to join him and lead according to their gifts. At this point, the government of Israel
grew very rapidly. Empowerment was happening, once Jethro had empowered Moses, and Moses began to
empower others, notice the changes in his leadership style.

He became a man of power
He committed himself to communication
He laid out his vision
He developed a plan
He selected and trained the leaders
He released them to do the work
He did only what they could not do
In doing so, he was able to narrow the gap between the people and the decision makers.
As a result, the people would feel more connected.


When JESUS called the twelve unto him
He laid out his plan-came to set the captivity free
He committed himself to communication preaching and teaching
He taught his purpose –I am come that they might have life
He selected and trained the leaders –called and trained the 12
He released them to do the work-go ye into the world
He showed them how far a leader must go-you will have to suffer much for me
The enemy tempted him, but he did not bend or break

Do you process what it takes to be the kind of leadership that JESUS CHRIST processed? Softly and
tenderly Jesus is calling you to service in a sin sick world will you answer the call, or will you let it go
unanswered. Hear the voice of Jesus call and answer, some of you might be like SAMUEL and not know
whose voice you hear. You can ask whom it is that is calling, let me assure you that Satan cannot answer
for GOD, so he would not be answering for God. The HOLY SPIRIT will let you know whom it is that is
calling. A good leader must notice these five things situations, trends, resources, people and

When we look at human leadership we see that an intuitive leadership style has the ability not only to read
them, which is paramount, but the leader also understands the strengths, weakness and individual callings.
Jethro not only read Moses ’leadership problem; he also realized he was not the man for the greater job .
So he read and evaluated Moses’ leadership ability and planned accordingly.


JETHRO was an intuitive leader and he read Moses’ situation from what he saw, he did not suggest that
Moses hire a consultant, form a committee, or do extensive research. He saw a leadership problem. He saw
where the organization was headed and knew that if Moses did not change some things there would be
rebellion among the people. A good leader can fell and see what is not acted out Moses would have to
change. What happened when Moses changed?

GOD supplied strength for Moses, peace for the people and empowerment for a host of new leaders.

Aaron as a representative of the people
Joshua as a general of the army
Hur as a battle supporter

Did you know that GOD provides test as a measure of progress and as a proving ground for every person,
HE calls to lead? This was a divine test for Moses and leaders get tested at each stage of growth. The goal
is to pass the test, as testing always precedes a promotion, self-promotion or promotion by others can
never replace divine promotion and promotion always requires sacrifice.

The lesson here is that no leader should ever take the journey, or take the credit himself because God
empowers all of his children for a worthwhile task. Give in and let GOD through the LORD JESUS CHRIST
and the HOLY SPIRIT lead you to where HE wants you to be and going what He wants you to do. Use your
gifts for GOD’s glory and not for yours. AMEN thanks GOD!
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